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A Tarot App,
unlike any other...

Traditional Tarot has been designed from the ground up by the leading tarot readers and spiritualists in the world.

These are Psychics who read for celebrities, politicians and business leaders alike. With their insight, experience and wisdom, we have crafted a unique tarot app that can assist with your most pressing issues, concerns or desires.

Daily Tarot

Daily notifications of your latest tarot card. This card reflects how you’re feeling (physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially) and what to expect in the day ahead.

The card is made available every morning from 0800 local time and you can refer back to it at any time for up to 24 hours.

Receive a
Personal Reading

Have a burning question that you need an answer for? Questions concerning love, finance, your personal life and problem solving can be asked.

A custom spread - based on the question being asked - is used. Once the cards are dealt, you can view the explanation of each or for those in a hurry, a summary of the meaning of the cards dealt is also available.

Speak with
a Psychic

If you want further information about the cards you’ve been dealt, or wish to delve deeper into other related issues, then you can speak with a gifted Psychic.

Please check with the bill payer first.

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